Never Lose HoPE

Guest Author: Melissa, Isaiah’s mom

Our journey started on January 11, 2016 when we found out we we were pregnant with Isaiah. When I was 18 weeks, my primary OBGYN noticed something wrong with Isaiah’s head. He wasn’t sure what was going on, so he sent us to a maternal fetal medicine specialist. This doctor told us that Isaiah had Alobar Holoprosencephaly. She was very determined for me to abort my baby because she said babies with HPE don’t survive. I told her more than once that I was not doing that. Further testing confirmed the diagnosis.

My primary OBGYN referred us to Ohio State University where they confirmed what the other doctors said. They told me Isaiah’s head was the size of a 44 week-old newborn baby. They couldn’t tell me how much he weighed. His daddy and I were told to plan for the worst, and that’s what we did.

2016 I delivered Isaiah by C-Section after 14 hours of labor. The pediatrician that delivered him came to tell us that he was gone, but  she heard Isaiah make a loud noise as he took his first breath on his own. He weighted 4.5 lbs. They told us things he would never do–ike hearing and seeing. He does both.

He was transferred to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital after birth. He has been here for 15 months with only being home 2 weeks. People say, “Don’t you get tired of the hospital?” I say I do, but I would rather this then visit the grave yard. I tell anyone who will listen about my hope baby.