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CircleOf caregiving app for HPE families

Families for HoPE is excited to announce that we have teamed up with CircleOf, Inc. to offer a caregiving app for HPE families!

We continually seek solutions to enhance the lives of our HPE families, and we are thrilled to offer the CircleOf app to our HPE community and those in your circle of support and care.

CircleOf gives family caregivers the power to organize, collaborate, and get extra help while rallying friends, family, and others in your community to help during a challenging time.  Here are just a few ways that CircleOf can make your life as a caregiver easier:

News to share? Need to share an update or news, but don’t wish to share it on social media or in a group text? Using the CircleOf app, you have the ability to manage all of your communications from one place.

Hospitalized? What do you do when your child is in the hospital and you need help organizing rides, childcare, or household chores? You can create each task in the CircleOf app, and allow your circle to volunteer for the task. 

Meal Train? Have a friend who wants to organize meals for your family? You can designate that friend in the CircleOf app as a member of your Inner Circle (which allows administrative access), and that friend will be able to schedule the dates and times for meal delivery. Others in your circle can then volunteer with what works for their schedules.

Explaining HPE? Are you trying to educate your family and friends about HPE at the same time you’re trying to learn about it yourself? 

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Download and enter access code 8443 to connect your team to the Benefits Center for HPE resources.

After you download the CircleOf app, use access code 8443 when you create your team. This will give your CircleOf team access to the Benefits Center where they can view resources about HPE. As a bonus, they will also have access to the Families for HoPE team where they can stay informed of activities and events affecting the HPE community.