There is always HoPE

By Amy L. Springer, Guest Author I learned that I was pregnant February 24, 1994. I had a sonogram like normal and all was good. I later started to have problems with bleeding, so we did another sonogram, which showed…

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Laughing Matters

I am often asked why I smile so much.  Often, these inquisitive ones are looking only at the difficulties in caring for a medically fragile child as a 24/7 job. I respond simply, “I can either cry about it or laugh…

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Encore! The Meaning of Angel Day, Thirteen Days of Arthur Style

This is the continuation of ‘The Thirteen Days of Arthur,’ a series of writings by Melissa Mouzin-Bennett, mom to Arthur Hancock… ********************* This is my last post for my “Thirteen Days of Arthur” project, tomorrow is Angel Day, the day…

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