Journey of HoPE to Dallas

In July 2016, over 70 HPE families embarked on a journey from all corners of the U.S. to Dallas, Texas for the 2016 Family Conference on HPE.  Held biennially, the conference is a collaborative endeavor among Families for HoPE, the…

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2016 Family Conference on Holoprosencephaly

Save the dates of July 12-15, 2016 for the next Family Conference on Holoprosencephaly sponsored by Families for HoPE, Inc. in collaboration with the Carter Centers for Brain Research in Holoprosencephaly and Related Malformations! Families for HoPE is thrilled to…

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2014 Family Conference on HPE

The 2014 Family Conference on HPE was held in Dallas, Texas on October 2-4.  Held at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Conference Center, over 60 HPE families gathered for the conference sponsored by Families for HoPE in collaboration…

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