Meet Abigail

(Written by Michelle Alexander)

13 years ago, I laid bleeding to death. I had just seen my only baby girl for the first time without the fuzziness of an ultrasound. She was beautiful.

For 7 hours, I laid in recovery while my body threaten to give up. Thinking of the only real picture I had of her, wondering how she was, what was going on, and if she needed me. And,WHY did they put a stupid TAN hat on my little GIRL?? Yes folks, you read that right; I was upset, after two boys I had a girl, and they took the pink hat experience away from me!

You must understand that I mourned the death of this baby girl for 3 months, I was emotionally ready to say goodbye. To accept what was inevitable, or so the “gods” of the medical field told us. Today, I celebrate my 13th anniversary into a whole new world, where I have learned more than any college could teach me.

Happy birthday to my very own life coach and personal trainer.  Abigail, I love you so much!!!

Abigail Alexander