Coloring is a hot trend for adults, and gathering a group of individuals together to color is a unique way to raise awareness of HPE!  If you are interested in using coloring as a way to raise awareness of HPE and raise funds for Families for HoPE, we can help you do so.

pencilsIf you are willing to host an awareness coloring event/fundraiser in your community with 25 guests, Families for HoPE will provide you with the following favors to give to your guests:

25 sets of 12 colored pencils with built-in sharpener
25 HPE wristbands
25 latex balloons
2 HPE-themed t-shirts to use as door prizes

(Coloring pages will not be provided by Families for HoPE because we want to give you the flexibility to choose the coloring pages in themes that your guests would enjoy.)

This is a limited opportunity as we have only enough pencil sets for 6 individuals to host a coloring event/fundraiser.  We would suggest that you host your event in a church, school or community center and provide simple snacks, cookies, and punch to keep your costs low; however, it’s your event so be as creative as you wish.  A suggested fee per attendee would be $10-$15 per person, but you know your attendees, so we encourage you to designate a cost that is in keeping with what your guests are willing to pay based upon the event you’ve planned.

If you are interested in hosting a coloring event to raise awareness of HPE and raise funds for Families for HoPE, please contact Leslie Harley at for more information.

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