Our mascot needs a name . . .

imageBefore Families for HoPE was formed in 2006, there’s a character/animal that has served as our unofficial mascot in the HPE community, and that mascot is the frog.  It all started following the passing of Harrison Stauft, forever known as the little boy who loved frogs–specifically, five green and speckled frogs.  This was a song that Harrison knew from preschool, and it soon became his favorite song.  As the pastor prepared Harrison’s funeral, he learned about Harrison’s appreciation for the song, and he incorporated the song and frogs into his eulogy.  Harrison’s parents, Dan and Heather, along with his brother, Drew, found comfort in the pastor’s words as he explained that F.R.O.G. was an acronym for Forever Rely on God. As each guest left the funeral, the pastor provided everyone with a frog sticker as a reminder.

Within the online HPE community, Heather shared the touching tribute and the comfort she felt whenever she would see a frog. Over the course of the next several weeks, there were daily frog sightings among the online support group members, and each one would share with Heather where they saw a frog and the significance it had on their day/life.  Suddenly, it seemed that frogs or symbols of frogs were turning up everywhere any of us looked, and the frog sighting stories often brought comfort and joy to all of our hearts.

Today, we are debuting our new mascot, but it needs a name, and we need your help in naming it.  Please submit your name suggestion in the comments section below, and be a part of making our mascot a member of all of our families.

31 Comments on “Our mascot needs a name . . .”

  1. I feel that the mascot should be name after Harrison he is the one that loved the frog story. So Harrison is my vote.

  2. Harrison is the right name for the frog. Heather, Dan and Drew would deeply appreciate it if the mascot was named after the son because that is where the frog came from to began with.

  3. Name it Harrison, since he’s the reason that the frog is the mascot! Just seems pretty simple to me. 🙂

  4. Mr. Diddlesworth or Mr. Sparklepants puts a smile on my face and my nieces and my sons face.. It’s honestly just fun to say..

  5. Naming the mascot after little Harrison could be nice. Name it after the boy who brought it to the group so we can all forever remember him 😊