Changing Lives with HoPE

Maybe you haven’t heard of Nolan…but that’s all about to change!

When Janelle Emory learned that her unborn nephew, Nolan, would be born with Holoprosencephaly, she knew that she wanted to do something special in his honor.  Inspired by Nolan and his journey of HoPE, Janelle has started a fundraising campaign called “Changing Lives With HoPE”.

Janelle explains, “What we ask is simple—instead of throwing loose change on the ground, leaving it buried between the seats of your car, or letting it get lost in the bottom of your purse, put that change aside for Changing Lives with HoPE. We believe that the small effort of collecting change can make a big difference for the families of HPE, as well as to future research.”

“At the end of the year, we would like to split the donations between Families for HoPE and The Carter Centers from families and individuals who have collected change on their behalf. Every little bit collected, no matter how small, can make a big difference.”

Janelle is a runner, and this summer she will be running as “Team Nolan” to raise awareness of HPE  as she participates in marathons and events in various states of the U.S.  On Sunday, June 5, she will be competing in San Diego.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if some of our San Diego/Southern California HPE families could be there as fans to cheer her on and encourage her efforts?

You can learn more about Janelle’s campaign on Facebook and Twitter.  If you have questions or want additional information, you can reach Janelle at

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  1. Hi! An update for Changing Lives With HoPE: Team Nolan runners completed the Prarie Fire 1/2 Marathon in October sporting bright orange team shirts. Janelle ran several more races and I ran one yesterday for Team Nolan. We continue to run and pray for Nolan and the entire family!