Let’s hear about it!! How will you fund your trip to the HPE Conference??

If you haven’t heard yet, the location and details for next year’s HPE Conference has been announced! The 2012 Families for HoPE Family Conference  on Holoprosencephaly is being held mid-summer in Charlotte, NC!  In today’s economy, finding the extra money to travel isn’t exactly easy, so Families For HoPE is curious to hear how HPE families will be funding their trip to the conference. We are hoping to share ideas with HPE families who want to attend, but aren’t sure how they are going to make it work with limited funds.

We’ve already heard about a few families who are organizing fundraisers to foot the bill for their trip, so they can “Share the HoPE” at next year’s conference! Do you plan on organizing a fundraiser or do you have something else in mind?? Families For HoPE wants to know!! Please, leave a comment below!

9 Comments on “Let’s hear about it!! How will you fund your trip to the HPE Conference??”

  1. I’m having a couple of softball, volleyball, basketball, a bake sale, and a silent auction. I’m also having a one pose family portrait in a couple of weeks. I HoPE everyone raises there goal in money.

  2. I will be working at least 2-3 jobs and saving my taxes! Lol. I will also cut back on my eating out and going to buy my coffee’s!

  3. I am putting money aside every week from my paycheck to fund the trip. By the time it will be conference time, I should be able to pay for all 4 of us to fly out or save some money and drive out!!

  4. Since we are just a few hrs away from Charlotte, NC, we dont need hardly any money at all for the conference. So I’m planning a yardsale, a bake sale, and any thing else we can come up with, in hopes to make some money for another family or two to be able to come!

  5. Since this year we dont have to buy a car at tax time, we are going to take tax money and put it aside. And I am taking money from huby’s pay chack every time he gets paid and putting it saide…..he just doesnt know it!!! HA!!!

  6. We are having a yard sale this summer and we will have one next year. All the stuff for the sale is donated from family and friends. Also for Marissa birthday we ask everyone to donate to her our bank account at our local bank instead of gifts. We also talk to the Kiwanis and other clubs. Start now.

  7. I’m going to save up to go by making some changes and better choices in my life, I’m going to save gas money by walking or carpooling as much as possible, I’m going to spend less money by going out less and staying in to work on all my schoolwork