HoPE Nominations

Families for HoPE would like to honor those who HoPE, and we need your help.

The sad reality is that for many of our HPE families, the journey of holoprosencephaly began without hope. Each individual finds his or her hope along the way, and one’s definition of hope may ebb and flow depending upon the season of their lives and where they are on the journey. 

Is there someone you know who radiates hope?  Someone who makes hope contagious?  Nominate a parent, caregiver or individual who exemplifies what it means to hope. Submit your nomination to info@FamiliesforHoPE and include the name of the person and an example of how that person radiates hope.  Nominations are open until August 20.

One of the nominated persons will be featured on the Families for HoPE website, and the nominees will be listed, as well.

Also, don’t forget to order the limited edition t-shirt with the action verbs that encompass our world of holoprosencephaly.  Youth and adult t-shirts are available in navy, kiwi/lime, charcoal and bright pink.