Josh Timmerman

Written by Josh Timmerman

Growing  up, I dreamed of being a race car driver, and when that dream became a reality for me, I knew that I wanted to make a difference and be known as a man and driver who stands for something. In 2006, I met a little boy named Sammy Harley who taught me about having HoPE.

My mom is a pediatric nurse, and Sammy was one of her special patients. After meeting Sammy and being touched by the heartwarming stories of other children with HPE, I offered my race car as a vehicle for helping to raise awareness and inspire HoPE.

In 2012, I joined the board of directors of Families for HoPE, and I currently serve as President of the board of directors.  It is my privilege to lead this organization, and I hope I have made a difference in the lives of these incredible HPE families because they have most certainly made a huge difference in mine.

Jacob and Josh


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