I run 4 Michael/Hannah

I started running for Hannah after I was partnered with her and her family on the “I Run 4 Michael” Facebook group. I have simply found her to be a truly inspirational little girl who really makes life seem worth living and doing as much as you can whilst your here.

I started running when I moved to Northampton in 2009 and completed some 10K’s and half marathon’s. I also decided to take up triathlon and moved from Sprint to half-iron distance races. Then to test myself a bit more I moved up to full marathon’s and Iron distance triathlons.
All seemed well in my life until 2012 when my wife lost our first child at 14 weeks, the baby had originally been a set of triplets but her body rejected the first two and the third unfortunately did not survive the pregnancy. It was in this time my sister introduced me to the running group “I run 4 Michael” as her youngest son was born with Down Syndrome.  I was then partnered with Hannah and her amazing family.

Since our partnership, we have had two beautiful children ourselves, and next year I turn 40. I had heard about the Marathon des Sables and had the fortune to meet a man at University who was taking part in it. I decided that this would be a great chance for me to do something really challenging that would help me to raise some awareness and money for your amazing charity. I also want to be able to send my finishers medal to Hannah and her family to say thank you for being a true inspiration and reminding me that the only way to face challenges in life is with a smile on your face, just like Hannah!


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  1. God bless you Lyndon , wife and children. May and your family have good health and many happy days. Thanks so much for letting Hannah be a part of your life as you run. As her Grandfather, I thank God, every day, for blessing us with Hannah just the way she is. She has enriched our lives and taught us the true meaning behind in conditional love. So keep running the race and stay safe.
    Gene Sanders