Conference Workshops 

Do It Yourself Sensory Ideas – Come learn about our sensory system and its role in development and daily activities. Come find your sensory preferences. Families will work together to create, try and share sensory activities that can be used in the home.

Goals, goals, goals – Bring your child’s IEP (goal plan for school). Bring your ideas about goals for your child. We will review goals, strategies, and ways to work with your local ISD. This will be a work session.

Who is on my child’s TEAM and what do they do? – There are always a group of people that come into the room at the doctor’s office or at my school meetings. What do all of those people do? How can they help my child? Come play “Jeopardy” and learn.

Car seats and lifts for the home – Come see samples of these

Vehicle modifications – A representative from United Access Garland will bring a vehicle and literature on modifications.

Companion animals/Therapy dogs –A handler from Pet Partners will bring some of her dogs, and basic materials will be available.

Home modifications – There will be materials available for you to explore. A nice follow up to “What equipment do I really need at home?”

Additionally, each family will be able to sign up on Wednesday and Thursday for one-on-one consultations with staff specializing in OT, PT, Dietary, and Genetics. They will also be offering genetic specimen collection. Families should bring items with them that they might want to discuss or review such as list of medications, brain scans, reports from NIH or Carters center