Opportunity strikes

National Holoprosencephaly Awareness Week March 27th – April 2nd.


We are often approached by HPE families seeking ideas for raising awareness for HPE in their local communities. One of the hottest trends right now is coloring books for adults. Haven’t you seen them in nearly every retail store lately?


A few weeks ago, I invited a few friends to join me on a Monday evening at a local restaurant for a small fundraising event I called “Cocktails and Coloring for HoPE”. For a $10 per person donation, I provided the coloring pages along with markers, colored pencils, and crayons for the group. (Guests were responsible for their own food and beverages.) I had Families for HoPE brochures for them along with a few stickers with the Families for HoPE logo, and a door prize for one of the guests. While they were eating and coloring, I had an opportunity to share Sammy’s story and tell them about HPE, Families for HoPE, the Carter Centers and our HPE conference. It was such a fun and enjoyable experience that they all want to meet every month to color together!


If you are looking for a creative, social way to bring awareness for HPE to your hometown, consider hosting a coloring event. Maybe a morning event such as “Coffee and Coloring for HoPE”. Include the entire family for “Cookies and Coloring for HoPE”. Or even a “Girls’ Night Out with Coloring for HoPE”. Seek out a location to hold the event—maybe a church, a library, a civic organization/club, or a restaurant. I chose a Monday evening at a local restaurant, and our server was thrilled to have us there because Mondays are slow nights for his restaurant.


If you would like to make your awareness event a fundraiser to benefit Families for HoPE, we would like to partner with you. If you are planning a fundraiser, Families for HoPE will ship to you a coloring book, a set of fine-line markers, a 36ct box of colored pencils, and two pencil sharpeners. In addition, we will provide you with a pledge sheet to record donations along with brochures you can share with your guests. If interested, please send your complete name, phone number and shipping address to Leslie@FamiliesforHoPE.org.


We encourage you to be creative and share your ideas, photos, and success stories with us as you celebrate Holoprosencephaly Awareness Week! To