One more year loaded with sweet recollections and cheerful times have passed. Wonderful people have made our year exceptionally uncommon, and I wish this continues forever. With each sweet person around, each minute is a unique event for us. I wish everyone to have a year as incredible as you all are.Life is a progression of normal and unconstrained changes. This New Year try not to oppose them; for that just causes distress. Accept the reality. Let things stream actually forward in whatever way they like. 

Go to the gym, eat healthier, turn off the smartphone at dinner, spend more time with family…It’s that time of year when we take the opportunity to wipe our slate clean by making (and hopefully keeping) New Year’s resolutions.

As parents of kids with special needs, we need to be sure to take some time to focus on ourselves. If we’re not okay, our kids will suffer. It’s so common to put their needs first that we often neglect our own.

Sound familiar? Probably so, but for parents of children with special needs, there are a few exceptions, so here is some variations on this list.

What worked well and what didn’t work and how would you like to change it or build on it? 

Review your routines, or maybe you need to set up routines to make each day easier. I am all for routines for my children and myself. Baths are at night, 3 times a week. I draw up medicines for a week at a time. If it fast, easy and cheap, that’s my motto. 

What are you proud about yourself this year?
The most memorable lesson I have cultivated this year is that of perspective—on what and where I choose to put emphasis and filter life’s experiences. Through this perspective, I have learned the profundity of God’s promises. He promises to trudge with us through the gorges, the floods, the impetuous ordeals (Psalm 23:4; 66:12; Isaiah 43:2; 1 Peter 1:7). These promises do not include the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, or explanations for why God allows pain into our lives. 
Organize all important paper work for your special needs child
Each company and Doctor can have their own 3-ring binder to store all the papers. You could do a file cabinet with hanging files. Start off small, organizing can be overwhelming. Only spend 15 minutes a day accomplishing these tasks. 

It’s been a full and memorable year in so many respects. Thanks to all of you who brightened 2015 for Families for HoPE, with your stories and, most of all, with your dedication. We wish you a blessed new year.
Many Blessings, 

Families for HoPE board

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