Online Friends

A vast majority of our HPE families found HoPE through online friendships. Here’s to all of the HPE BFFs!

3 Comments on “Online Friends”

  1. We have a son, Kevin who was born with many abnormalities and we took him home for “care and comfort” … that was 37 years ago. One of his diagnoses did not even exist then and in the 90’s the name put to it was … holoprosencepaly. He has brought abounding joy to so many and molded the medical careers of both his sisters. We love, above all love and life falls into place. Priorities evolve that are a precious gift to all of us and to all we meet. Our lives have been enriched one-hundred fold. May you find that simple, profound joy.

  2. Hi im 21 weeks and my baby girl has been diagnosed with semi lobar holoprosencepaly ive been to specialist and been told every thing that can go wrong if she is born or I can end the pregnancy my mind is every where is thea hope for her please help