Child of HoPE!

We’ve been promising to bring you a series called,’Child of HoPE,’ designed to put the spotlight on children with HPE, who are filled with HoPE! Back in January, I announced a young lady by the name of Julianna, would be our very first ‘Child of HoPE!’

Julianna is a beautiful girl with a big heart. Despite the daily challenges of living with HPE, Julianna and her family spread HoPE to hospitalized children with all types of brain malformations. They accomplish this through their program, Julianna’s Heart.

Miss Julianna!

Julianna has an extensive medical history, as do most kiddos with HPE and other brain malformations. Throughout the past several years, she has struggled and fought hard. Julianna has been in and out of the hospital countless times, and has had countless procedures performed, amongst many other things. Julianna’s family knows the difficulty of practically living in hospitals, and decided to make it their personal mission to give back and help other families in similar situations!

Since the launch of Julianna’s Heart, it’s turned into more than Julianna’s family expected. They started out delivering gift boxes for families/kiddos in the  hospital. Now,  not only are they doing the gift boxes, they recently launched a ministry for kids with special needs! Their goal is to use Julianna’s Heart  to touch as many families with brain malformations as they can, with simple acts of generousity.

Julianna and her family are quite an inspiration to many! They are living with HoPE and spreading HoPE, which is exactly why Julianna is a perfect choice to be a ‘Child of HoPE!’ Check back soon to see who will be next!


One Comment on “Child of HoPE!”

  1. Julianna is a beautiful ray of hope. She lights up everyone’s life she touches. She has definately touched mine.