How can YOU “Share the HoPE”?

Have you learned about a certain MUST-HAVE accessory for the wheelchair?

Have you found the PERFECT toy that your child just absolutely adores?

Have you learned from your mistakes on what NOT to waste your money on?

Do you have a GREAT recommendation on a van, a bed or a feeding pump?

Will you take a moment to SHARE what you have learned?

Have you ever wondered WHAT to do with your child so he or she is not always in their wheelchair?

Do you need new equipment and just don’t know WHERE to begin?

Do you wonder what other families of children with HPE do with their children in a situation with which you are struggling?

Do you want to know HOW to get specialty equipment funded?

If you could just SEE what is working for another family and why, it might push your decision from one type of wheelchair to another. It might answer that lingering question of how one bath chair is different from another. Or why someone would NOT recommend a certain stander to another family.

You need our new “Sharing the HoPE” Equipment Handbook to help you out!

If you fit into either of these two categories, we need your help! We are working to compile an Equipment Handbook that will have information about all types of equipment, from eating to sleeping to playing to sitting. But we need YOUR help to make it a success.

Step 1:  We are asking that you take a picture of your child in his or her wheelchair, walker, stander, sitter. Playing with special needs toys and typical toys. Using special bottles, spoons, forks, or g-tube pumps, sleep positioners, potty chairs, and bath chairs. We want you to spend a week, and take a picture of your child in every piece of equipment they have, use or play with during that time.

Step 2:  Then, go to our website and download the equipment handbook information sheet.  It is easy to fill out, and answers basic questions about the gear you use everyday with your child. Attach the pictures of your child in their equipment, or just a photo of the equipment itself, (although we prefer a child using it for clarity and scale).

Step 3:  Then e-mail or send us the completed pages and related photos. Give us your name and contact info if you would be willing to be contacted for questions from other interested families. The photos and info we receive will be compiled into an equipment handbook that we can pass out to our families for reference. Please send us as many pages and photos as you can, the more information and opinions families have to compare, the better!

So take those pictures, fill out those forms and get them to us no later than May 1,2012.

E-mail completed info sheets to, or mail forms to Families for HoPE Equipment Handbook, C/O Shira Arnold, 4411 Turnberry Court, Concord, NC  28027

When you go from being helped to helping someone, you are successfully “Sharing the HoPE!”