Sweet Inspiration

It only takes one look at the smile on 3 year-old Maeve Tierney’s face to see that she’s full of sweetness, and apparently, that’s a family trait.  Maeve’s 8 year-old cousin, Cece recently used sweet treats to help raise funds and raise awareness of HPE.

At Craneville Elementary School in Dalton, Massachusetts, Cece’s third-grade teacher gave $5 to each of the students and challenged the students to make that $5 “grow”. Each child was allowed to choose his or her own method of growing the $5, and each was required to select an organization he or she felt strongly about supporting with the earnings.

Inspired by Maeve, Cece chose Families for HoPE as her charity, and she invested her $5 in supplies to make brownies and muffins. Once she had the product ready and her marketing plan in place, Cece set up shop outside of her grandfather’s business, with HoPE for a profitable bake sale. Priced at $1 per sweet treat, Cece grew her $5 into $43.00!

Such an awesome job, Cece!  Thank you for being so thoughtful and sweet!

A bake sale is a great way for kids to help raise funds and raise awareness for HPE.  Other ideas for kid-friendly activities include:

  • Open a lemonade stand
  • Encourage reading by organizing a Read-A-Thon
  • Have a coin drive
  • Ask you school to host a PJ Day or Silly Hat Day
  • Organize a Twister tournament or Dance-A-Thon
  • …Do you have an idea to add to the list? If so, comment below.

One Comment on “Sweet Inspiration”

  1. We have one amazing little Maeve to be THANKFUL for! Thanks to all the Families for HoPE for doing such an amazing job!!!!!