Anchors of HoPE Monthly Giving Campaign

Click here and select recurring donation to become an Anchor of HoPE

Click here and select recurring donation to become an Anchor of HoPE

Will you become a part of our family as an Anchor of HoPE?

The anchor is a popular symbol of hope representing security and stability, and Families for HoPE has adopted this symbol for its first-ever monthly giving campaign, Anchors of HoPE!

As an Anchor of HoPE, you will be part of an exclusive group of monthly donors who have committed financial support to the security and stability of our organization.  We ask you to consider a recurring donation of at least $10 per month in honor of a child or family you know who has been affected by HPE. You can sign up by clicking on the anchor on this page and selecting recurring donation.  You will be prompted to designate a start date and frequency for your donation.

Please visit the other pages on our website to learn more about our organization and how you can bring hope to HPE families by becoming an Anchor of HoPE.

  • $10 will send hand-made birthday cards to 10 children with HPE
  • $10 will send a special hand-made keepsake to bereaved families following the death of a child with HPE
  • $10 will welcome newborn babies with a onesie or bib and provide printed information to the new parents
  • $10 will provide a welcome packet containing printed information for new HPE families
  • $20 will send an embroidered-logo fleece blanket to a pregnant mother awaiting the birth of a child diagnosed pre-natally with HPE
  • $120 will cover the expense of a child with HPE and his/her family to attend the PROM at the next HPE conference
  • $150 will provide an HPE family with one night of overnight accommodations at the HPE conference
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