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Board of Directors

2019 Officers and Directors

Josh Timmerman, President (2016 to present)
Sheridan, Indiana

Josh’s journey to HoPE

I joined the board of directors in 2012, but my involvement with Families for HoPE began in 2006 when my mom, a pediatric nurse, introduced me to one of her patients, three year-old Sammy Harley with holoprosencephaly.  In addition to being a college student at that time, I was also racing stock cars on race tracks in central Indiana. After meeting Sammy and being touched by the heartwarming stories of other children with HPE, I offered my race car as a vehicle for helping to raise awareness for children born with HPE like Sammy, and that evolved into the Racing for HoPE awareness campaign. While I haven’t given up on racing, today I’m focused on my career as a financial advisor with Edward Jones Investments, and I’m proud to serve as President of the board of directors of Families for HoPE. You may contact me at Josh.Timmerman@FamiliesforHoPE.org.


becky photo
Becky Wilson, Vice President (2019)
Crandon, Wisconsin

I am the mother of three children, Charlie, Breanna and Jack, and live in Crandon, Wisconsin with Ken, my husband of 22 years.  Born in 2004, Jack was diagnosed with lobar HPE. Through this journey with Jack, I have discovered my passion, and today, I’m employed by a nonprofit organization in my community serving individuals with disabilities.  From 2010-2013, I served my first term on the board of directors of Families for HoPE, and my current board term began in 2015.  My husband Ken and son Charlie both race off-road trucks and proudly display the Families for HoPE logo on their trucks to raise awareness of HPE.  You may contact me at Becky.Wilson@FamiliesforHoPE.org.


Roxanne Steele, Secretary (2015 to present)
Richmond, Indiana

Roxanne’s journey to HoPE

From our home in Richmond, Indiana, my husband Brian and I are the parents of four children.  Our youngest daughter, Rachel, was born in 2002 with semi-lobar HPE.  I was closely monitored throughout my pregnancy because I was expecting twins; however, we did not learn of Rachel’s HPE until after she was born.  The first few days of her life involved a lot of physicians, unfamiliar medical terms and many fears for her future and our family. Sadly, Rachel passed in January 2015 but lived nearly 13 years continually surrounded by the love of her sisters Mariah and Sara and twin brother Nathan. Today, I am the Lead Teacher at Trueblood Preschool/Richmond Friends School.  It is because of Rachel that I am one of the founding directors of Families for HoPE, and I have served as Secretary of the board of directors since 2015. You may contact me at Roxanne.Steele@FamiliesforHoPE.org.

281875_3968481962741_279681147_n.jpgLeslie Harley, Treasurer (2011 to present)
Indianapolis, Indiana

Leslie’s journey to HoPE

My son Samuel Aaron Harley (“Sammy”) was born with semi-lobar holoprosencephaly in 2003. My husband Steve and I learned of Sammy’s diagnosis during a prenatal ultrasound at 24 weeks gestation, and like the stories of many others, we were given very little hope for his survival. We were blessed to have Sammy in our lives for nearly 5 years, and we treasure the memories we created with him. Although Sammy passed away in January 2008 following a critical illness, he is never far from my thoughts and continues to inspire me each and every day. It is because of Sammy that I am one of the founding directors of Families for HoPE, was a past president (2006-2010), and I currently serve as Treasurer of the board of directors. In addition, I work as a Senior Executive Assistant at Community Health Network, and I try to blog about life with Sammy when I can. You may contact me at Leslie.Harley@FamiliesforHoPE.org.

Cheryl Lehman, Directorcheryl
Solon, Iowa

My husband, Bill, and I have been blessed with three children—Kloie, a junior in high school, and Kyra and Kollin both college students.  My HoPE journey began in 2001 when Kloie was born with semi-lobar holoprosencephaly, and we have grown so much in the last 17 years as individuals and as a family because of the blessings (and challenges) we have experienced with our daughter.  I joined the Families for HoPE board in 2015 with the HoPE of helping other families navigate this very special life that none of us expected.  We are a family!  Please feel free to contact me at Cheryl.Lehman@FamiliesforHope.org.

Heather Rinard, Director
Mesa, Arizona

Heather’s journey to HoPE

My husband, Matt and I have been married for 13 years, and we have four extraordinary, independent and beautiful children–Gavin, Sami, Izzy and Charliedawn. Our youngest, Charliedawn was born in 2012 with Semi-Lobar Holoprosencephaly, and she has had an incredible impact on our family and community.  My passion is to share Charliedawn’s story with others to give them the HoPE that we have experienced.  You may contact me at Heather.Rinard@FamiliesforHoPE.org.