Keeping Score for BFG Tournament

Our sincere gratitude to those who have scored points for Families for HoPE in our run in the 2017 Brackets For Good tournament!

Round 1 – February 24-March 3

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Dana McNulty
Ryan Elliott
Pete Turner
Kim Brunz
Stephanie Lemke
Kelly Irvin
Barb Brown
Larisa Denney
Ramona Joyce
Patric Goble
Julia Feeney
Carmen Navarro
Pamela Tucker
Anne Schupp
Rick McKenzie
Ronald Christensen
Julie Lyford
Molly Johnson
Heather Stauft
Arika Gates
Maureen Grover
Dana McNulty
Alex Bantz
Cathy Leonard
Josh Timmerman
Darlene Wilhoit
Tricia Raney
Aaron and Debra Gatewood
Mike Lopez
Rosie Jones
Melinda Fisher
Wendy Horn
Sharon Mansell
Stephanie Schmitt
Carolina Braga
Karen McFarland
Joyce Stingley
Neal and Janet Quast
Susan Ekelman-Storey, in honor of Charlie Dawn
Adam Neddo
Genny Short
Ann Nevins
Lauren Balderas
Bruce Timmerman
Marlana LaFountain
Becky Wilson
Heather Rinard
Leslie Harley
Judee Howard, in honor of the Irvin family
Keisha Choate
Pamela Heins
Nikki Tuma
Roxanne Steele, in memory and celebration of our journey with Rachel

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