Happy Halloween

Halloween can be a challenge for parents, and there are so many uncertainties that we face.

  • What costume?
  • Will it keep my child warm enough?
  • How do we incorporate the wheelchair into the costume?
  • How do we get to the front door if there are steps?
  • My child has a g-tube, so what do we do with all of this candy?
  • We won’t spend this Halloween in the hospital again, will we?

Even with the challenges, we push forward, we make plans, and we create great memories with our children. And sometimes, our kids end up with the best costumes in the neighborhood!

Do you have a Halloween memory you would like to share?  If so, please comment below and share your memory.  If you would like to share a photo of your child in a costume, please send the photo to info@FamiliesforHoPE.org.

Everyone have fun, stay safe, and don’t go to bed with a tummy ache!

2006 HPE Family Conference

2 Comments on “Happy Halloween”

  1. I will say steps are not fun, last year I carried Ryland around in our area, what a work out that was, plus I was 5 months pregnant. I try to go to newer areas of town, they seem to have less steps. I usally pick him up and carry him but have a little one this year also, with a husband that is working. This year Ryland is going to be a Frog and Vera a Princess

  2. I only got to spend one Halloween with Baby Trinity. We were sitting in our local NICU for she was just born an exact week before. That day she transfered to John Hopkins. The sweet nurses leaving bags of candy for her. Not much of a memory…but it is all i have.