In the works…

Thanks for stopping by HoPE!  Don’t forget to scroll down the page, to read HoPE’s first entries! Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see on HoPE, in the near future…

~Child of HoPE: We will be regularly featuring a child/adult with HPE! The purpose of this entry is to give more insight into the life of a child/adult living with HPE. Of course, you can go to HoPE’s Blogroll anytime, and learn more about any of the kiddo’s with HPE, by clicking on the link to their webpage/blog!

~ Getting into the groove: HoPE will be featuring a new series about music! Music often helps us get through different phases in our lives. We want to know what kind of music HPE families listen to, as they experience different moods. We want to help create a playlist for different moods/themes! We are seeking songs for encouragement; songs about motherhood; songs to make you feel happy; songs when you feel reflective; songs to help you cry; songs about determination.

~ HoPE around the World: There are a number of HPE families living in the United States, but there are also several HPE families living around the world. We plan on featuring these children and their countries!

~Perspectives: HPE families experience different phases. These phases include prenatally living with HPE, having an infant/toddler with HPE, having an elementary-aged child with HPE, having a teenager with HPE, having an adult with HPE, and having an angel with HPE. We think it would be interesting to hear different perspectives from all of these phases, and share them with our readers. We are accepting admissions now!

~Guest Authors: There are several blogs and webpages written and maintained by HPE families. (You can view these under the HoPE Blogroll.) With so many writers and bloggers in the HPE community, we want to invite those individuals to submit entries to HoPE, as this blog is for everyone! If you are interested in submitting an entry to HoPE, let us know!

~HPE Gear: It’s that time of the year again…Fall! In the HPE community, that means it’s fundraising time for FFH (Families for HoPE!) This year’s fundraising efforts are in the works, and we will soon be bringing you info on how to purchase your HPE gear!!

One Comment on “In the works…”

  1. Hi Carly and Leslie! Congratulations on this big, important undertaking! I just wanted to tell you that I find this blog very welcoming and straightforward. As an older mom not as comfortable in the cyberworld of blogging as many of you younger folks, it is nice to find that it’s easy for someone like me to use.

    Thank you so much for filling this spot in the world of HPE. I’m sure it will be helpful and give HoPE to many.

    Susan, mom of Beth, 22, septopreoptic HPE