Welcome to HoPE, a blog about sharing the HoPE in Holoprosencephaly! On this blog, you will find entries and stories related to this rare brain condition, also known as HPE.  We plan on bringing you a broad range of entries from informative pieces to most importantly, inspiring stories of HoPE!

HoPE is brought to you by a couple of HPE mommies.  The blog is maintained by Carly and Leslie, but will also feature guest authors, as well! If you have a HPE blog or webpage, please let us know, so we can add it to the HoPE Blogroll!

HoPE is intended for anyone interested in HPE, and most of all, families prenatally diagnosed with a child with HPE, families of children living with HPE, and families of children with HPE angels. If you are a newcomer, please check out the HoPE links on the right side of the main page. There are several resources to help you get started with your HPE journey. If you have already started your HPE journey, we HoPE you will find this blog to be a welcoming, informative, and fun place to read about all things HPE!

~Carly & Leslie

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